b. september 1986.


Narayan Tushar Kaudinya is an Ethnographer and a practising Indologist. He writes, and works as a documentary Photographer and Filmmaker. He completed his masters in History and further studied Yoga and Nerve Therapy from New Delhi and Varanasi.

Narayan’s work envelops around the oral history of land, understanding region’s ancient texts, with ongoing contemporary theories while exploring the human spirit aligning with the elements of life.

Sound, Metaphysics, Visual Imaging, Oral storytelling and landscape informs his research and inquiry that leads him to play with the perceived notions of nature, self-reflection, soul searching and memory. He intensely writes to explore and travels with an idea forming a relationship with his ecological subjects like trees and other beings. Narayan’s work often develops from a historical incident or a metaphysical understanding of the ancient texts present in contemporary society with his interest in Native songs, Symbols, Various sciences of healing, Geometry, Five elements reacting within human body and magic.

His work illustrates a way in which each element of nature is inextricably linked, either as a source or a cause; while exploring how we, as mind-body living with technology today are performing in one’s absence and presence in our lives.

Narayan comes back to Delhi where he runs a primary school for children with his mother.

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Narayan has been a contributor to the Anthropologic Society- SAPIENS, Yale Journal of International Affairs, Visual Ethnography, London, FQ, PIX, Platform, Dhodho International, PRIVATE Magazine, India Today among others. While working with the National Geographic Explorer, Outlook Traveller, he has extensively travelled and highlighted social issues for the  UNAIDS, UNDP, Action Aid India, Save the Children, Naz Foundation among others.

In 2020, he became a World Press Photo 6×6 Global Talent Nominee. In 2018, he was selected for the 14th Angkor Photographic Festival in Siem Reap, Cambodia. In 2015, he received TOTO/Tasveer Emerging Photographer of the Year award. The following year he was invited for the Sipna ART Residency in Central India, along the river Tapi.

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To know, observe and come along on his travels, explorations; to read his research papers on Yogic Wellness and ancient history of body science, Narayan has been focusing on sustainable travelling and helping develop rural economy though education and Tourism, with an eye on sharing and understanding the journey of the nature of five elements within and outside.

You are heartily invited to visit his popular blog, Road to Nara: Travels of a ँ Yogin.