Narayan Tushar Kaudinya

Along With the Half Headed Country

2011 –

A mythical flower breathing between India and Pakistan, in the depths of Dal, resides Black Lotus. Kashmir flourished ancient India. Its river named India. It is said that scriptures were written and read in this valley. Most Indian religions have come from this land. Gods resided here. It watered civilizations. People, cultures flourished.

Kashmir known for its beauty, is called the Paradise on earth. And anything as beautiful as paradise must possess many complicated layers of earth and mind.

Black Lotus is an in-depth documentation and audio recordings of the youth, of the elderly who are the change, and who saw the change happening.





My work will be a messenger to the generations coming after me. In a world where people have started connecting personally, it is required to look at life because we have allowed machines to talk on our behalf. We should never win with guns and as humans should only win with minds respecting inheritance.


Black Lotus, between War and Peace is an ongoing long term project based throughout the three regions of Jammu and Kashmir.